Trumpetmania is a Brussels based trumpet school.

Our teachers are specialists in jazz, classical, musical technique, and improvisation and other musical styles. This gives students a wide range to choose from, and we pride ourselves on a personalized teaching approach and one on one follow-up. Our classes are open to to all levels and to everyone from 4-90. Our teaching method is simple: encouraging a student’s growth and personal development through music.

We don’t just limit ourselves to teaching you how to play an instrument, we also encourage our students to enjoy and experience the connection between the body and music. We teach students how to master rhythms and breathing techniques, helping to develop a better awareness of their bodies. We do this by organizing extra activities, including sports, which emphasise the connection between the body and music.

We want our students to blossom through music teaching and to eventually enjoy the benefits of playing in a group, the experience of which adds another fun dimension to learning to play a musical instrument.

Our teaching method is based on memory techniques - visual, audio, and corporal. Everyone is different and that’s why don’t focus on a strict method based teaching plan, but rather offer classes which foster participation and encourage interaction.

Trumpetmania classes will help students acquire a deep knowledge of style, rhythms and to develop a good musical ear. We want our students to experience music’s ‘big moment’s through mastering rhythm and breathing techniques.

Thanks to our on-line class booking platform, students manage their own class schedules. It’s as simple as logging in, checking the agenda and reserving your lesson on line. We think this flexibility is important is for everyone student’s growth.

Trumpetmania classes are also available in London, but will be subject to a minimum number of students. For more information about advanced or specialized or classes at home for those with limited mobility, just check out our site.